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It's "STOMP" with themes!

Are you ready for an explosion of sound,  a jumpstart for your heart, a beat for your feet?  Stand back: here comes ACOUSTIX!  This fast-paced. choreographed show can only be described as rushin' percussion!  It's "STOMP" with themes!  You can pick and choose which theme works best for your breitling replica event, or use them all.  It's creative, it's interactive, it's fun!  It's a hit a general sessions and award dinners. 


Watch the Show

Gamma2 Green Man Group @ Global Pet Expo in Orlando, FL.
Call Peter for Booking info: 321-287-7686

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Crash Boom Bang

Three or Six percussionist enters the stage or from throughout the room dressed and costumed custom rolex replica fit for your event.  Sent by the Convention center or hotel to clean up the room, these men are equipped and ready to go. Dialog is exchanged as they enter the stage area as they begin to cleanup the stage.  The rolex replica cleanup turns into a musical jam session a-la “Stomp” with high energy and audience interaction.  The Act will surely open your
event with a bang.
Barbecue Beat

A three member self sufficient percussion performing group.  Dressed as out door cooks, they fake watches comes equipped with their own instruments straight from their own back yard including: Three Weber barbecues; Three Rubber Maid trash cans; Loads of fun…

This group is capable of entertaining large or small groups and/or theme park audiences.  “Barbeque Beat” is a  troupe with its own music, comedy and audience interaction.

Mortal Combat


A high-energy dance production number combining the street percussion 
of three male drummers and four LA free-style, Hip-Hop/Break dancers.

Food Service Romp

The evening’s service staff transforms into the evening's entertainment as they slowly gather "instruments" from the dinner tables (spoons, cups, pots & pans, etc.) to tap out a beat that fills the room with vibrant rhythms.  This wait staff utilizes rhythmic drum percussion with Broadway style Tap dancing, 
Your dinner parties will never be the same!

Briefcase Brigade

Let the Briefcase Brigade "sound off" important company messages at your next event.
 This "Geek Squad" of performers are costumed to look like your Local Tec Head "Geek Squad" Resembling a precision, drill team this squad display their rhythmic talents with briefcases. 
You can't beat this show!

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